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Why Choose Prime Cash Advance Limited Loans?

We are committed to open communication and transparency with the media and the public. As a leading financial institution, we understand the importance of sharing accurate information and providing insights into the ever-evolving financial landscape.

We only offer Personal loans from $20,000.00 JMD to 1,000,000.00 JMD

All first time customers will start at the basic level and will move to next level base on the repayment history.
Customers are given a period of six to 12 months to repay all loans
Our interest rate is very competitive in the financing market.

Customers need to be employed for a minimum of 6 months to a year and must be off probation with your employer.

Processing time can be same day or within 24 hours from all documents submitted are validated successfully. *conditions apply

All disbursement is made via online transfer to the bank account shared.

We currently have one branch which is located in Kingston. The loan application is completed online not in office.

The loan application can be found on our website www.primecashadvancelimited.com, We do not accept loan application in office.

Our referral and earn program gives you an opportunity to make extra cash by simply referring a friend or family member to us. Once the loan is disbursed you will receive $1000 JMD per referral.

You can track your loan process by loging in your client portal from our website. Where you can view your loan statement, balance and repayment.

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